Park Management Overview

Park Management

Management of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is multi-pronged and includes the following programmes:

  • NATURAL HERITAGE CONSERVATION – Invasive species control, Maintenance of a Plant Nursery and Reforestation Activities.
  • ENFORCEMENT – Establishing national park boundaries and preventing encroachment through uniformed patrols.
  • MONITORING AND EVALUATION – Assessing threats to the National Park’s natural resources such as birds and water, using GIS and photography
  • CULTURAL HERITAGE PRESERVATION – Working with the Maroon communities, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust and the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica to safeguard the culture of the Windward Maroons
  • EDUCATION AND PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT – Cultivating an appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage, the employment of environmentally sound practices and the adoption of sustainable livelihoods in buffer zone communities through outreach in schools and skills training programmes.
  • GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION – Planning, Project and Financial Management, Fundraising and Marketing.
  • RECREATION AND TOURISM – Managing recreation within the protected area by maintaining and operating Holywell, Portland Gap and the Blue Mountain Peak Trail and facilitating sustainable community tourism.

Blue and John Crow Mountains Story Map

created by the Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2017

Natural Heritage Conservation Programme

Natural Heritage Conservation


To maintain and enhance the remaining area of closed and disturbed broadleaf forest and protect the plant and animal species that exist in the Blue and John Crow Mountains.

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