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The JCDT is governed by a Board of Directors selected at Annual General Meetings, by the membership of the organization. The Government of Jamaica does not appoint any Directors. Lead by the Executive Director, an efficient and professional team of technical and administrative staff are responsible for implementing projects geared at achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives. The majority of these projects support the management programmes of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.

Board of Directors

Chairman – Lt. Cdr. Michael Rodriguez

Deputy Chairman – Mr. Adam Hyde

Secretary – Mr. Hugh Hyman

Treasurer – Mr. Robert Taylor

Mrs. Althea Heron

Mrs. Amber Vicens Stewart

Mrs. Camille Needham

Mrs. Linette Wilks

Dr. Chandra Degia

Mr. Michael White

Mr. Wayne McKenzie

Dr. Leo Douglas

Management and Staff

Executive Director – Dr. Susan Otuokon

Conservation Science Officer – Position Vacant

Education & Community Outreach Officer – Mr. Wellington Taylor

Administrative Manager – Mrs. Donna Fray

Accountant – Mr. Howard Irons

Accounts Clerk – Mr. Andre Bennett

Receptionist/Bookings Clerk – Ms. Kantalin Robinson

Office Attendant – Mrs. Valma Powell

National Park Rangers Corps

Chief of Corps: Ms. Gabrielle-Jae Watson

Mr. Rudolph Poyser

Mrs. Herma Dawes

Mr. Ryan Love

Mr. Gary Campbell

Mr. Marlon Hamilton

Mr. Jermy Schroeter

JCDT | Protecting & Preserving Our Future

The JCDT appreciates the involvement and support of our Partners, Donors and Sponsors

  • National Environment & Planning Agency
  • Forestry Department
  • Jamaica National Heritage Trust
  • Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
  • Forest Conservation Fund
  • Pear Tree Press
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