• National Park Rangers doing Freshwater Monitoring

    Managing an ecosytem requires ongoing monitoring. Water samples and invertebrates are collected from streams within the national park on a regular basis for analysis.

  • JCDT Tours HRH Prince Charles

    Over the years, the park has hosted a number of groups and dignitaries; interested in exploring a tropical, broadleaf forest. In 2008, Britain’s Prince Charles visited Holywell.

  • Park Rangers

    The JCDT maintains a uniformed presence in the national park as part of it park management programme. The first national park rangers were commissioned into service in 1993 following the designation of the area as national park on February 26 of that same year.

  • Basic School Visit from Youth PATH  Ed Asst and Park Ranger

    The Park Management Plan features a robust school programme focused on the Community Buffer Zone. Through the programme, the JCDT endeavours to introduce environmental best practices in the next generation to ensure that the forest remains pristine. Over 800 students go through the programme each year.

  • Col Lumsden Charles Town Maroon  Council receives office equipment

    Assisting communities in the buffer zone to develop businesses and create employment is a key strategy in the park conservation programme. Such intititives lessen the dependence of these communities on the forest for their livelihoods.

  • Nature lovers can enjoy the national park at Holywell

    Nature lovers can enjoy the national park at Holywell, Portland Gap and the Blue Mountain Peak Trail. The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust plans and oversees a sustainable tourism programme that earns much needed funds for the park conservation programme while maintaining the integrity of the protected area.

  • World Heritage Site by UNESCO

    The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park was designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2015. Recognized for both its natural and cultural significance, the park is the only mixed site in the Caribbean.

  • Reforestation and Invasive Species Control

    The D&G Foundation is just one of several companies that have partnered with the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust on reforestation and invasive species control activities

  • UNESCO World Heritage Youth Camp

    In 2017, the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park hosted the UNESCO World Heritage Youth Camp. The camp was the first of its kind in the Caribbean and was part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Education Programme to increase awareness, knowledge and skills among young adults about world heritage management.

  • Workday at Holywell

    Workday at Holywell.

  • Rio Grande Valley

    Rio Grande Valley.

  • Mist rolling in at Holywell

    Mist rolling in at Holywell.

  • Mr. Taylor Education Officer at JCDT exhibit

    Mr. Wellington Taylor Education Officer mans JCDT exhibit about the BJCMNP

  • JCDT's Executive Director, Dr. Susan Otuokon

    JCDT's Executive Director, Dr. Susan Otuokon makes a presentation on management of the BJCMNP to a participant at an IUCN Conference.

  • Jamaican Tody or Robin Redbreast

    Jamaican Tody or Robin Redbreast

  • BJCMNP Rangers on patrol

    BJCMNP Rangers on patrol

  • BJCM WHS Announcement

    Blue and John Crow Mountains is now a World Heritage Site

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